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17 issues found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
14978 General code issues CONF --- Backup Location & file name 2013-02-07
28985 Calc code issues CONF --- 2 problems of the stylist with protected sheets 2017-05-20
29279 Writer code issues CONF --- Allow hyperlinks in user-defined indexes 2013-08-07
46097 General ui issues CONF --- Saving not possible if save medium unavailable once 2013-02-07
47893 Writer formatti issues CONF --- Format --> Default resets applied character style. 2013-08-07
52755 Impress installa issues CONF --- .pps files should open in presentation mode as with PowerPoint 2016-03-17
57721 ui ui issues CONF --- Add a selection "relative / absolute" to the hyperlink dialogue 2013-02-07
57984 Writer code issues CONF --- Frequent flicker of document after load 2013-08-07
61781 Calc editing issues CONF --- Pasting from the clipboard on an unprotected cell makes it protected 2017-05-20
109039 General code issues CONF --- ActiveX control shows only half of a template document in IE8. 2017-05-20
2593 Writer code issues ACCE --- cross-references from Word documents; not possible to refer on paragraph number 2017-05-20
22975 Calc ui issues ACCE --- Cannot resize rows or cell if in read only mode 2017-02-22
15508 Writer code Armin.Le.Grand CLOS FIXE Break link converts bmp, jpg, png and gif to png format 2014-04-03
56919 Impress open-imp clippka CLOS DUPL Open pps file (powerpoint) with "...simpress" -show "%1" don't show, only open 2013-08-07
5608 Writer viewing issues CLOS FIXE Navigation button on OOo for hyperlink navigation (provide browser-like back/forward buttons) 2016-07-01
5759 Calc ui oc CLOS FIXE DataPilot: allow more than 8 data fields 2017-05-20
12666 Calc formatti zhanglu.aoo CLOS FIXE autofilter works just on one sheet (only one auto-range per document) 2017-05-20
17 issues found.