Issue 8095

Summary: Unable to "shadow" the Stylist and the Navigator
Product: ui Reporter: oblomov <gip.bilotta>
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Version: 643Keywords: oooqa
Target Milestone: 4.x   
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Description oblomov 2002-10-06 22:14:48 UTC
It seems that on my sistem the Stylist and Navigator window cannot be "shadowed" (reduced to their 
titlebar only) by double-clicking on their titlebar, or any other way. Was this feature removed? 
It was possible in OOo 1.0.0 and 1.0.1.
Comment 1 Frank Schönheit 2002-10-11 13:53:15 UTC

Giuseppe, the reason for this is that the stylist/navigator and such
are now system windows (which means that they can be moved outside the
window they belong to). I am not sure if the functionality to reduce
them to the title bar has been removed by intent or by accident (more
concrete, the question is whether it was intentional to _not_
implement this for the new system windows). I suspect the latter (the

Don't know how to deal with this - would be interesting to hear
opinions of others about this feature ...

Comment 2 Joost Andrae 2002-12-04 12:05:13 UTC
Joost->Giuseppe: as Frank already said ... we changed these toolboxes
in that way that they now use system windows. As this is an important
system integration feature and a very important accessibility feature
to have system windows here it won't be fixed. On the other hand not
every window manager has support for this (regarding Linux, Solaris,
Windows, +++ platforms). 
Comment 3 oblomov 2002-12-13 12:58:45 UTC
This is somewhat annoying, I must say ... the ability to shadow them 
was of great comfort for keeping them open without too much clutter 
... couldn't pseudo-shawoding be implemented by reducing window height 
to the minimum (0?) on platform that don't support it natively?
Comment 4 michael.bemmer 2003-03-11 18:05:56 UTC
As mentioned on the qa dev list on March 5th I will close all resolved duplicate
issues. Please see this posting for details. First step in IssueZilla is
unfortunately to set them to verified.
Comment 5 michael.bemmer 2003-03-11 18:14:28 UTC
As mentioned on the qa dev list on March 5th I will close all resolved
<wontfix/duplicate/worksforme/invalid> issues. Please see this posting for details. 
Comment 6 oblomov 2003-05-27 13:29:24 UTC
I'm reopening the Issue as a follow-up to a discussion on discuss@; it 
would be nice if shadowing could be (re)implemented (independently 
from the window manager) for platforms that support it (like Windows).
Comment 7 ingenstans 2003-05-27 13:44:36 UTC
YEs. It would be nice to re-implement this on Windows. IT seems never 
to have gone away on Linux version, so the present state represents 
both a loss of funcitonality (on Windows) and a loss of cross-platform 

The general idea of reimplementing these things as system windows is 
great, though.
Comment 8 kelvine 2003-05-27 14:45:16 UTC

I liked this feature too.  I call them roll ups.

It makes it easier to work with Styles and the Navigator.

Makes it much easier to work on Forms where is is possible to have 
four of these rollups open.

I was recently surprised to see another person using this feature 
that they stumbled across themselves so it does come in handy.

Just adding my voice to the issue.
Comment 9 stefan.baltzer 2003-05-28 19:15:55 UTC
SBA: I consider this inconsistency (works on some platforms only, used
to work before) a bug. This is must-feature in my opinion as it eases
the effective work in large amounts. Whatever can be done in this case
should be provided to the user.
Comment 10 Mathias_Bauer 2003-06-02 10:16:51 UTC
I agree that having this on windows also would be a nice move. IMHO it
shouldn't be too hard to implement. Stefan, is this correct?
Comment 11 stephan_schaefer 2003-06-02 10:32:30 UTC
Correct. On UNIX we only have this feature if the window manager
supports it. If not, we have no chance to detect a double-click on the
title bar. On Windows, we can easily detect the double-click and react
Comment 12 lohmaier 2003-07-12 14:58:22 UTC
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Comment 13 lars 2003-07-12 15:26:19 UTC
I too like to have this feature back, even a more advanced version, 
see issue 8647.

Navigator is really useful (particularly if extended as suggested in 
issue 6736, issue 6741, issue 7085, issue 7047, issue 7049) and if in 
window mode, its titlebar is faster to move the mouse pointer to than 
to the main windows side and it also takes away less space and 
doesn't block the view or interrupts the normal view to the positions 
of elements in / to the document when unrolled in window mode than / 
as in docked mode. And when having the window rolled up, it gives 
space back to see and work on the complete document wiothout moving 
the window around. So window mode + (auto-)roll-up is VERY 
conevenient and comfortable!
Comment 14 oblomov 2003-07-13 07:46:55 UTC
As requested, I changed the O/S to "All". The patch should only be 
developed for the O/Ses which allow it to be developed (i.e. Windows), 
since the other O/Ses (i.e. UNIX-like systems) usually allow shadowing 
by themselves (with the appropriate windows manager) or don't allow 
appropriate tracking of the mouse pointer.
Comment 15 lohmaier 2003-07-18 15:28:14 UTC
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Comment 16 number5 2003-07-18 16:47:06 UTC
Please! I got very used to double-clicking the title bars!

Furthermore, in OOo 1.0 nothing happened when the esc key was pressed,
while in OOo 1.1 the window is closed entirely. Would it cause much
afford to collapse these windows to their title bars for the Esc key,
too? (issue 13430)
Comment 17 lohmaier 2003-07-21 17:53:42 UTC
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Comment 18 lohmaier 2003-07-28 11:55:03 UTC
for completion, since I don't want to add this to every issue :-)

Maybe it's sufficient for your needs to "dock" these windows:
Drag them to the side of the window while pressing <ctrl>.
You can then toggle the behaviour (autohide or stay on screen, stick
or float):
The window now has a pin and an arrow. Use the arrow to make it
autohide/stay and the pin to change whether the window should just be
on top of the document or whether it should be placed next to the
document (cannot explain it in english, just try it out).
If you klick the arrow to open the navigator, it will stay on screen
even when you leave the navigator window. If you klick below the pin
instead (just klick the bar) the window will hide when leaving.

To 'undock' the window, press <ctrl> and double-click in some
white-space in the navigator-window.
Comment 19 lohmaier 2003-07-28 11:55:15 UTC
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Comment 20 kelvine 2003-07-28 12:53:50 UTC

Thanks Christian for the suggestion on docking. I've looked at 
docking.  Both sides and bottom, multiple windows to a side.  These 
are worthwhile options, but nowhere near as good as the rollups IMHO.

Thought I would increase my vote on the issue, as this is one of 
those nice to have features.


Comment 21 lohmaier 2003-08-14 17:48:45 UTC
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Comment 22 lohmaier 2003-08-31 21:53:13 UTC
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Comment 23 jalvarez 2003-09-14 07:56:15 UTC
I just voted for this. I agree with Kelvin.

Thanks to Christian for his suggestions. 

Comment 24 lohmaier 2003-09-14 14:40:55 UTC
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Comment 25 Unknown 2003-09-17 01:19:09 UTC
Hi All,

I am also voting for being able to roll up/down the Stylist box 
to/from it's titlebar.  
Also if possible, I'd like the little roll up/down button back as 
well, that way it's only one click to roll either up or down.

I won't comment on the auto rolling or docking as I've no experience 
with either, and also only just started using navigator.

Andrew Kovacs
Comment 26 lohmaier 2003-09-17 23:20:22 UTC
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Comment 27 lohmaier 2003-09-26 23:25:38 UTC
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Comment 28 sforbes 2004-01-15 12:44:42 UTC
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Comment 29 lohmaier 2004-02-09 20:12:05 UTC
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Comment 30 scbranch 2004-03-30 01:26:10 UTC
I vote for this issue as well. I relied heavily on this feature when it was
available. I'm not much for docking things, I tried it, and I just prefer being
able to roll up the window. It also keeps the linux and windows version consistent.
Comment 31 thorsten.ziehm 2004-08-19 15:48:51 UTC
Because of limited resource for OOo2.0, it was decided to shift this tasks to
the next milestone. If somebody will be found, who can implement this until
OOo2.0, then this tasks will be re-targeted.
Comment 32 panic 2004-10-14 11:37:16 UTC
since this issue is about the stylist window being a system window, i'd like to
make an additional request.
i'm working under suse 9.1 with kde 3.2 on two 19" monitors, with a "maxed" OO
window in one of them.
The stylist window should stay put whereever (e.g. on what monitor) it is moved
(visible or not).
instead of this, it does jump right INTO the activated OO window, taking up
valuable workspace.
Comment 33 stephan_schaefer 2005-12-02 11:42:26 UTC
SSA: reassign to HDU
Comment 34 2005-12-02 12:38:48 UTC
HDU->PL: reassigning as discussed
Comment 35 ace_dent 2006-01-18 11:07:58 UTC
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Comment 36 ace_dent 2006-01-18 11:16:38 UTC
Tested using Writer OOo 2.0.1 on PC WinXP SP2.

I would suggest the discussed functionality is present (to an extent) in the
current UI. Although a 'minimise' function doesn't exist on the window title
bar, it can be achieved using a single mouse click by two methods:

1) On the 'Formatting' tool bar, click on 'Styles and formatting' icon to make
the Stylist visible (=maximised) or invisible (=minimized). Equally for
Navigator, on the 'Standard' toolbar, clicking the 'Navigator' icon has the same
2) First dock the stylist / navigator window, then click on the controller (part
of the docked frame) for 'Hide' (=minimized) and 'Show' (=maximized).
Finally, a 'bonus' 3rd method using a single key press:
3) Pressing F5 (Navigator) or F11 (Stylist), will show / hide the respective window.

These functions seem to satisfy the requirements of this issue. I feel a more
worth while enhancement was that suggested in Issue 8647, however, this wont be

Comment 37 ace_dent 2006-01-19 10:43:57 UTC
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Comment 38 philipp.lohmann 2006-03-21 13:31:16 UTC
setting target
Comment 39 philipp.lohmann 2006-06-15 16:10:32 UTC
Comment 40 philipp.lohmann 2007-02-20 08:22:29 UTC
pl->cd: as once discussed this would be a hassle to do with system decorated
windows (though on Unix you can already do this if the window manager supports
this). However there was discussion anyway to change stylist/navigator and such
to the same type of docking window as our toolbars; in this case you can simply
set WB_ROLLABLE and this works out of the box (I checked with the toolbars).

However This will probably bring up focus issues we need to solve. So perhaps
you could start by changing the window type and then get back to me when you
have a CWS where we can further develop this.
Comment 41 carsten.driesner 2007-02-20 08:40:30 UTC
cd: Accepted. Currently we try to move the docking windows from the old sfx2
implementation to work with the framework based layout manager. I hope we are
able to support this feature after this move.
Comment 42 bobharvey 2007-02-23 16:02:36 UTC
It would be nice to see this return after all these years.

It was very useful in 1.0.1
Comment 43 Mathias_Bauer 2008-01-11 09:41:28 UTC
target 3.0
Comment 44 Mathias_Bauer 2008-05-19 10:44:12 UTC
The work on the docking window implementation won't be finished in 3.0. Thus
moving this issue to 3.1 also. But it's still on the list. :-)
Comment 45 Mathias_Bauer 2008-11-05 12:19:23 UTC
As the rework still isn't finished: sorry, no 3.1