Issue 51026 - Unable to save or open files using UNC paths on Win9x against NT-based server
Summary: Unable to save or open files using UNC paths on Win9x against NT-based server
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Product: General
Classification: Code
Component: ui (show other issues)
Version: 680m110
Hardware: PC Windows 98
: P3 Trivial with 4 votes (vote)
Target Milestone: OOo 2.4.1
Assignee: Unknown
QA Contact: issues@framework
Keywords: oooqa, regression
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Reported: 2005-06-21 05:36 UTC by ajanak
Modified: 2008-06-01 09:56 UTC (History)
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Description ajanak 2005-06-21 05:36:34 UTC
Unable to save or open files from Win 98 to Linux machines via samba server in
any of the Open office applications. Oo applications are unable to detect the
path. Due to this we are unable to migrate to openoffice.
Comment 1 stx123 2005-06-21 09:22:01 UTC
Greetings 'ajanak', I gather you are not only playing with the bug tracking
system. If so we should move this issue to the appropriate component.
Comment 2 andreschnabel 2005-07-08 21:50:42 UTC
hi ajanak, 
thanks for supporting and reporting this issue.

Please give more info about the problem such as:
- are you using mapped drives or UNC-paths
- samba version
- could the files be accessd by other windows applications 

and most important (as st pointed out):
Is this a real issue or did you file it for testing issuezilla?
Comment 3 andreschnabel 2005-07-08 22:19:15 UTC
ok .. confirming with m110, german localized build. 
Desktop system is Win98, it doesn't matter, if the files are on a samba or
windeos share. OOo is unable to fint the files, if they are accesed via UNC paths.

@ajanak: as workaround, use mapped drives. This would work.
Comment 4 andreschnabel 2005-07-08 22:20:17 UTC
add. info: 
this seems to be *win98 only*, UNC paths work well on WinXP
Comment 5 Rainer Bielefeld 2005-07-10 13:16:53 UTC
*** Issue 51760 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 6 Rainer Bielefeld 2005-07-10 13:24:11 UTC
*** Issue 44563 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 7 Rainer Bielefeld 2005-07-10 13:31:23 UTC
This would be a bad regression compared with 1.1.4 and make OOo 2.0 unusable for
many network users , so I recommend urgently to fix that for 2.0

In issue 44563 and issue 51760 you find further detailled hints that help to
find the reasons for that problem.
Comment 8 Rainer Bielefeld 2005-07-10 13:52:23 UTC
May be study of issue 5149 can be helpful?

Related to issue 19287?
Comment 9 Rainer Bielefeld 2005-07-10 18:45:53 UTC
There is a workaround (at least for WIN networks) that solves the problem.

I did several successful tests after I established a "Net drive assembly" ((?)
from german: "Netzlaufwerk") on the WIN 98 PC, so we can reduce priority.
Comment 10 thorsten.martens 2005-07-12 10:56:22 UTC
TM->HRO: Reproducible in a m116 build.
Comment 11 txgitar 2005-07-22 00:41:50 UTC
I have the same problem. I've loaded OpenOffice on a Linux box, using Gnome 
Desktop on Debian. I can log onto our network and browse, using the file 
browser, to the file. However, when I double-click, I get the "[file pathname] 
does not exist" error.  
Interestingly, I can open .xls files, but not .doc files.  
Notably, when I invoke the Open command from within OpenOffice Writer, it 
doesn't show me the network drives.  
I'm a Linux newbie. Our company is considering migrating most of our machines 
to Linux, and I'm the tester. I've never used Linux before yesterday. 
Comment 12 hennes.rohling 2005-08-19 13:05:44 UTC
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Comment 13 hennes.rohling 2005-08-24 14:46:24 UTC
Comment 14 hennes.rohling 2005-09-02 14:54:12 UTC
Comment 15 Rainer Bielefeld 2005-11-04 13:37:14 UTC
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Comment 16 andreschnabel 2005-12-24 16:04:47 UTC
verified with OOo 2.0.1 final on win98 -> close
Comment 17 ace_dent 2006-02-10 10:05:06 UTC
*** Issue 56086 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 18 jochen02 2006-11-13 09:00:40 UTC
Issue is not fixed -- it is reproducable in OOo 2.0.4
Comment 19 jochen02 2006-11-13 09:11:03 UTC
Update: In OOo Calc it also affects links to cells in another file.
E.g.: ='file://server/directory/file.sxc'#$'sheet'.P21

No data from these links are updated.
Comment 20 kpalagin 2007-03-11 13:40:24 UTC
Reopening because 2.2RC1 still exhibits the problem  - see

Dear developers,
if I can be of any help please let me know.
Comment 21 kpalagin 2007-03-11 13:42:34 UTC
*** Issue 74820 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 22 hennes.rohling 2007-04-12 15:57:49 UTC
Comment 23 Mathias_Bauer 2007-05-03 12:25:46 UTC
The target is obviously wrong
Comment 24 kpalagin 2007-05-12 12:31:58 UTC
Dear developers,
any progress with this one?
Thanks a lot.
Comment 25 kpalagin 2007-05-22 11:17:13 UTC
*** Issue 34896 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 26 hennes.rohling 2007-05-22 16:19:56 UTC
*** Issue 23794 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 27 kpalagin 2007-05-24 17:38:43 UTC
*** Issue 76442 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 28 kpalagin 2007-05-25 08:07:23 UTC
*** Issue 56581 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 29 Mathias_Bauer 2007-12-04 16:30:04 UTC
target 3.0
Comment 30 kpalagin 2008-01-11 10:16:52 UTC
Hopefully this will be fixed for 3.0
Comment 31 hennes.rohling 2008-02-04 11:41:14 UTC
Win 9x/ME support will be dropped for OOo 3.0

We might fix this on 2.x if there will be a future micro release.
Comment 32 hennes.rohling 2008-02-04 11:44:18 UTC
*** Issue 72031 has been marked as a duplicate of this issue. ***
Comment 33 kpalagin 2008-02-04 12:10:53 UTC
So after 3 years of keeping this regression open it is decided to not fix it, 
despite the fact that our users will still use Win98.
How nice.
Comment 34 hennes.rohling 2008-02-04 12:33:45 UTC
I understand that some users may be frustrated. But after 10 years Win98 is
somehow outdated.

If this issue really is that important, perhaps someone from the community might
fix this issue.
Comment 35 drc 2008-02-05 01:03:13 UTC
Good news - bad news .....

The good news - this may be fixed now in 2.3.  (I have not had time to test it
properly on all platforms.)

The bad news - it is not a win98 issue.  On platforms as recent as XP and Ubuntu
Feisty, earlier versions of OOo fail where all other applications succeed -
namely opening files on CIFS named paths to Samba on Linux.

The good news - we did something differently on 2.3 so presumably a developer
somewhere has tried to fix it.  2.3 seems to work on Gutsy.  I have a half term
break coming up and I'll try to check it out on 98, XP and Vista.

Comment 36 kpalagin 2008-04-07 19:41:49 UTC
apparently we are going to have 2.x microrelease.
Could we resolve this issue?
Comment 37 Martin Hollmichel 2008-04-11 10:05:45 UTC
set target 2.4.1
Comment 38 hennes.rohling 2008-04-28 14:02:26 UTC
Will only be fixed for OOo 2.x if someone finds it necessary and has the time to
Comment 39 hoodbild 2008-04-29 10:31:04 UTC
Just to emphasize, in spite of the details at the top of the page:
1.  This is not only a Win98 issue - the same problem has been reported with XP
and Linux.
2.  It is not only a problem with NT-based servers - I tested with a Win98
server, and had the same problem, and also with SAMBA.
3.  This is very annoying for some people :)
Comment 40 drc 2008-04-29 23:01:17 UTC
There is still a problem.
Confusing - at home, ubuntu client OOo2.3 and now 2.4 will open files by
clicking on a samba-browsed icon on a Debian Linux (Etch) server.   This is the
target behaviour exhibited by nearly every application I use - and most notably
Adobe Acrobat.   So far so good.

At school, neither OOo version works like that - on Windows 2003 server or Linux
(old Mandrake or Debian Etch).  And that is irrespective of whether the client
is Ubuntu (Feisty - not yet risked upgrading to Heron) or XPpro (not yet risked

One word of caution - the number of combinations of client, server, OOo version
and opening method has not been systematically tested at school (limited
opportunity) and at one stage (under battle conditions!) I thought it was
working.  Sadly the effect was not reproducible.

But Adobe always works.

The only known generic difference between the home network and the school
network is loading.  The intention is for the two to be as similar to one
another as possible so that my own development work can be piloted at home then
safely ported in.

Hence my puzzlement.  I may have an unwitting config difference (but I think
not) or we may have a timing problem ....

Meanwhile, for staff and pupils, OOo has this user hostile feature that
encourages users to keep their data on the desktop or in my documents, relying
on their roaming profiles to sort everything.   With 1000 users randomly
choosing one of 250 wireless laptops, every laptop would end up with potentially
everything on it - and out of disk space!

And wireless logging on of 60 users in two adjacent classrooms with massive user
profiles would be impossible.

So in spite of my belief that our teaching should as far as possible be vendor
neutral, I cannot recommend OOo for widespread use.  I merely make it available
to pupils whose family circumstances indicate they need it at home.

This really is a significant useability issue for workplace adoption.
Comment 41 Mathias_Bauer 2008-05-02 15:09:54 UTC
You are confusing things here. This issue is about opening files using *UNC path
names* on Windows 9x. This is a very Windows specific problem and examples with
Linux clients are something completely different. Please keep them separated.
The more an issue is filled up with irrelevant data the bigger the chance that
noone ever will want to read the content.
Comment 42 kpalagin 2008-05-02 20:53:03 UTC
Why would not somebody just close WONTFIX this issue instead of keeping it 
That would be at least honest.
Comment 43 drc 2008-05-02 23:58:35 UTC
quote - You are confusing things here. - end quote

I observe that as a user of both XPpro and ubuntu clients, I see consistent
behaviour on the school network when failing to open files on Linux Samba
servers by clicking on browsed icons.
It is an OOo feature, not an OOo-on Windows feature, since it is evident in the
MS-free zone of Debian server and Ubuntu client.
In all the same situations, if I replace OOo with Adobe Acrobat the problem goes
away.  IMHO that makes it a cross platform issue for OOo.

For my personal purposes, the work-around is to export all my documentation to
PDF format (no hardship for what I publish) then everything works for everybody
who needs to see (but not to change) my material.

But OOo as a working tool for pupils to replace MsOffice is not viable for the
earlier reasons.

On MS clients an alternative work around is to use mapped drives, and some more
competent users can and do occasionally use this route - but there is no real
point to the hassle.  

Ubuntu does not even have the concept of the mapped drive.  

Please don't think of this as a Microsoft Only problem.  In a Samba-server based
environment it hurts Linux users too.   

If you really do believe OOo has two separate bugs responsible for this
cross-platform behaviour, I will raise a separate issue.  But sooner or later I
suspect it will be Duped by somebody and we will all be back here together again!

Comment 44 Mechtilde 2008-06-01 09:55:24 UTC
there is an issue for version 3.0, which isn't supported for Win98
It is issue 53184

Comment 45 Mechtilde 2008-06-01 09:56:09 UTC