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Fri Sep 24 2021 16:56:15 UTC
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273 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
7067 platform Text issues NEW --- EditorSupport should create autosave files - plugin available 2016-07-01
32130 utilitie Properti JPESKA NEW --- Improve and document L10N module architecture 2011-09-01
21748 platform Text issues NEW --- [umbrella] cleanup/redesign of openide.text package 2010-01-12
27421 ide libs issues NEW --- Keep XML libraries up-to-date 2010-12-09
28733 obsolete cpplite issues NEW --- Use InstalledFileLocator 2007-09-17
107904 utilitie Search jhavlin NEW --- Find in files should also display directories matching the given names 2013-03-04
32132 java I18N ralphbenjamin NEW --- Improve and Document I18N Module Architecture 2011-11-28
15926 platform -- Other issues NEW --- Request for naming convention change in Shortcuts/ folder 2009-01-06
17919 platform Text issues NEW --- Support for multiline annotations 2010-01-12
34541 platform Text issues NEW --- Provide an EditorSupport class for FileObjects, which does not rely on DataObjects 2011-09-19
67862 platform -- Other issues NEW --- Handle --version on CLI 2009-01-06
201697 ide libs tstupka NEW --- Replace servletapi with javax.servlet 2013-07-11
14445 xml Code issues NEW --- Loading resolved entities 2007-09-25
17297 xml Code issues NEW --- TextEditorSupport should extend CloneableEditorSupport 2007-09-25
21320 xml Tools issues NEW --- Separate Java generators to standalone sub-module. 2007-09-25
194547 apisuppo Project mkozeny STAR --- Switch from TAX to XDM 2013-02-14
32679 platform -- Other dkonecny RESO FIXE create Registry API prototype 2008-12-22
34671 platform -- Other dkonecny RESO FIXE create Convertors API prototype 2008-12-22
36280 platform Text dkonecny RESO INVA DataObject.getRegistry().getModified() does not work in Projects branch 2008-12-22
49634 projects Ant dkonecny RESO FIXE Modularity of freeform project type 2004-12-08
21849 platform Window S dsimonek RESO FIXE Enhance windows API allowing better programatical handling of window system 2008-12-22
20683 java Unsuppor issues RESO FIXE Define source metamodel 2007-09-26
32081 platform -- Other issues RESO FIXE [2004-05-15] Distribute platform as RPM(s) 2008-12-23
34069 platform Module S jglick RESO FIXE Branding JARs must be colocated with base JARs even w/ netbeans.dirs 2008-12-23
103950 projects Ant Proj jglick RESO FIXE ant/project needs to be in ide, not java, cluster 2007-05-21
20248 platform Text jrojcek RESO DUPL Nested editor tabs a la JBuilder 2008-12-22
17597 platform Actions jtulach RESO FIXE Rework of actions APIs 2009-08-04
29458 platform -- Other jtulach RESO FIXE Separate org.openide.util to separate package 2008-12-22
30370 platform Document jtulach RESO FIXE Arch description of openide & core 2008-12-22
31327 usersgui Code jtulach RESO FIXE Arch description of IDE 2004-07-26
42470 platform -- Other jtulach RESO FIXE [2004-04-28] Move core/nbide to 2008-12-22
47724 xml XSL mkuchtiak RESO FIXE Remove dependency on Xalan 2007-09-25
18177 contrib Looks phrebejk RESO FIXE Looks API - create a stable version 2008-11-18
31058 platform Autoupda phrebejk RESO FIXE Arch questions for autoupdate 2003-04-17
20682 java Unsuppor sdedic RESO FIXE Define physical metamodel 2007-09-26
52707 platform Action I tasklist-issues RESO FIXE Undocumented use of reflection 2004-12-21
32762 platform Document tboudreau RESO FIXE Picture of description of platform architecture 2008-12-22
21942 obsolete sim theatlie RESO FIXE Provide the SIM core to the IDE 2002-05-17
19781 platform Document ttran RESO FIXE Document all relevant -J-Dnetbeans.<xxx> system properties 2008-12-23
19930 platform Autoupda apireviews RESO FIXE Create an official API for autoupdate module 2008-04-10
30374 platform Data Sys dkonecny RESO FIXE Arch questions for datasystems 2008-12-22
30380 platform Text dkonecny RESO FIXE Arch questions for editor api 2008-12-22
21217 platform Window S dsimonek RESO WONT There is no way how to plug-in user layout for TopComponent containers. 2008-12-22
28376 platform -- Other dstrupl RESO INVA Make NetBeans distributable via Java WebStart / JNLP 2008-12-23
92285 javaee Persiste emononen RESO FIXE Make Java Persistence support independent of Java EE modules 2007-02-13
27852 obsolete external gordonp RESO FIXE ExtEdSettings.getLibdir not very smart 2003-07-10
28663 obsolete cpp gordonp RESO FIXE bin/ not found correctly 2003-07-10
6050 platform Text issues RESO WONT Faster alternative to EditorCookie 2016-05-25
19928 platform Text issues RESO INVA I18N - Source Code Encoding capability 2010-07-02
20686 java Unsuppor issues RESO FIXE Define logical metamodel 2007-09-26
20687 java Unsuppor issues RESO FIXE Define usages metamodel 2007-09-26
28732 obsolete corba issues RESO WONT Use InstalledFileLocator 2011-09-28
28734 obsolete jini issues RESO FIXE Don't use netbeans.home 2003-12-11
28736 xml Code issues RESO FIXE Use InstalledFileLocator 2007-09-25
31446 obsolete jarpacka issues RESO WONT Arch description of jarpackager 2003-12-11
40667 ide libs issues RESO WONT Bundle Xalan 2.6.0 2004-08-13
20211 projects Ant jglick RESO FIXE Running Ant using different Ant version / classpath 2004-03-04
20898 java Unsuppor jglick RESO FIXE Move Java Hierarchy APIs out from OpenIDE 2007-09-26
27151 platform -- Other jglick RESO FIXE Ability to have more than two "ide" dirs. 2008-12-22
28683 platform Module S jglick RESO FIXE API to find an installation-relative file 2008-12-22
29337 platform Document jglick RESO DUPL Publish apichanges.dtd properly 2008-12-22
30372 platform Module S jglick RESO FIXE Arch questions for modules 2008-12-22
30387 platform -- Other jglick RESO FIXE Arch questions for input,output api 2008-12-22
32054 platform -- Other jglick RESO FIXE Lock user directory 2008-12-22
34204 platform -- Other jglick RESO FIXE Remove extraneous XML parsers from the platform 2008-12-22
35762 ide libs jglick RESO FIXE Xerces 2.6.0 upgrade 2004-01-07
37281 platform Module S jglick RESO FIXE Need module "hiding" in netbeans.dirs scheme 2008-12-23
38301 ide libs jglick RESO FIXE Xalan 2.5.2 upgrade 2004-01-07
30386 platform Dialogs& jrechtacek RESO FIXE Arch questions for dialogs and wizards 2008-12-22
138772 contrib Module M jrechtacek RESO FIXE Do not use reflection from contrib/modulemanager -> o.n.bootstrap/core.startup 2008-09-25
17081 platform Text jtulach RESO FIXE Suggest easier subclass of DataEditorSupport 2008-12-22
19443 platform -- Other jtulach RESO FIXE Separate openide into libraries 2008-12-22
30376 platform Lookup jtulach RESO FIXE Arch questions for lookup 2008-12-22
30558 www Builds & jtulach RESO FIXE Provide DTD for validation of API questions, answers 2003-12-11
32053 platform -- Other jtulach RESO FIXE getopt-compliant command line options (at least on Unix) 2008-12-22
32078 platform -- Other jtulach RESO WONT case-insensitive env. variables on unix is wrong! 2008-12-22
104658 platform Module S jtulach RESO WONT RecognizeInstanceFiles belongs in openide/loaders, not core/startup 2008-12-23
131890 ide Code jtulach RESO FIXE ideX cluster has dependency on nbY.Z cluster 2008-04-25
113010 serverpl Business marinaf RESO INVA Follow NB rules for external binaries in CVS 2011-03-23
40703 projects Generic mmetelka RESO FIXE [2004-06-23] Review of build system APIs and architecture 2005-04-15
117667 editor Lexer mmetelka RESO FIXE Resolve lexer/editorbridge unused autoload status 2007-10-04
30381 platform Window S mslama RESO FIXE Arch questions for window system 2008-12-22
50713 www Builds & mzlamal RESO FIXE Remove obsolete XMLValidate task 2004-10-27
119700 soa SQL Proj narayanaa RESO FIXE Do not expose public packages in o.n.m.jdbcwizard 2007-10-23
62693 javaee Code pbuzek RESO FIXE jmxri.jar doubly loaded 2005-09-05
30375 platform Nodes phrebejk RESO FIXE Arch questions for nodes 2008-12-22
30377 platform Explorer pnejedly RESO FIXE Arch questions for explorer 2008-12-22
30388 platform Executio pnejedly RESO FIXE Arch questions for execution 2008-12-22
35051 platform Filesyst pnejedly RESO WONT create Filesystems Extension API 2008-12-22
92412 apisuppo Harness pnejedly RESO FIXE Duplicated and wrongly located insanelib.jar 2007-07-03
30379 platform Actions pzavadsky RESO FIXE Arch questions for actions 2008-12-22
30373 platform Filesyst rmatous RESO FIXE Arch questions for filesystems 2008-12-22
30382 platform -- Other rmatous RESO FIXE Arch questions for settings 2008-12-22
43935 platform Filesyst rmatous RESO FIXE Move main window listening code out of masterfs 2008-12-22
139436 platform -- Other saubrecht RESO FIXE core.ide -> projectuiapi?? 2008-12-22
28735 javaee Code sgleason RESO FIXE Avoid netbeans.home 2003-02-20
38265 platform Action I tasklist-issues RESO FIXE Need to use proper impl deps 2004-03-02
30378 platform Explorer tboudreau RESO FIXE Arch questions for property sheet 2008-12-22
119671 ruby Code tor RESO DUPL Do not expose public packages in o.n.m.ruby 2007-10-22
112442 soa -- Other vchellasamy RESO WONT Two supports for XSL files 2007-08-09
155286 editor Completi vstejskal RESO FIXE editor.deprecated.pre61completion module now unused 2009-03-20
112264 obsolete visualwe wjprakash RESO FIXE Remove unused autoload modules from the build 2007-08-21
145198 profiler Base yardus RESO FIXE Cannot build profiler cluster without j2ee 2009-02-19
65048 javaee Code abadea RESO FIXE Unsafe impl versioning 2007-09-29
204541 javaee Code ads RESO FIXE target.iterator loaded for no reason 2011-11-03
106153 javame Build Sy asotona RESO WONT mobility/ant-ext includes Ant classes in the module JAR 2007-08-20
19258 platform Data Sys dkonecny RESO WONT better method for creation of Multi Data Objects would be useful 2008-12-22
49653 java Project dkonecny RESO FIXE Make proper API from ProjectClassPathExtender 2005-01-13
148324 platform Autoupda dlipin RESO FIXE [65cat] OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space 2009-09-02
25396 platform Window S dsimonek RESO DUPL Redesign toolbar xml api and core impl 2008-12-22
35036 installe Code dstrupl RESO INVA JNLP installer should not use autoupdate 2013-07-07
17868 xml Tree-Edi issues RESO INVA Position support based model<->text mapping 2008-12-05
18413 xml Text-Edi issues RESO INVA Improve XML and DTD syntax analyse 2008-12-05
18777 xml Code issues RESO FIXE Eliminate private xerces2.jar file 2007-09-25
20690 java Unsuppor issues RESO WONT Provide nodes UI / Looks for physical metamodel elements 2007-09-26
28668 qa Test Too issues RESO INCO Clean up usage of ${netbeans.home} 2011-09-19
31818 xml Code issues RESO FIXE Ranged XML module API versions 2003-03-11
32836 utilitie Group issues RESO WONT Copy/Paste to Group doesn't add copied files (add other) 2005-02-21
33569 platform Module S issues RESO FIXE Include full name in module JAR names 2008-12-23
34593 ide libs issues RESO FIXE Deprecate libs/jaxp module 2004-08-13
43042 editor Refactor issues RESO FIXE MDR caches in the wrong place 2007-04-03
50815 java Unsuppor issues RESO WONT Javacore should not depend on project API 2007-09-26
84102 javaee Code issues RESO WONT Two versions of commons-logging.jar 2009-06-10
84646 javaee Code issues RESO FIXE Incompatible API change in EjbJarImlementation 2009-05-25
117077 versionc Subversi issues RESO FIXE sun.misc.* APIs used illegally 2007-10-01
57747 editor Refactor jbecicka RESO FIXE Refactoring functionality should ignore SubprojectProvider 2007-04-03
17773 platform -- Other jglick RESO FIXE Architectural enhancements in modules communication 2008-12-22
29313 platform Document jglick RESO FIXE Include apichanges.html in the documentation itself 2008-12-22
31072 cnd Terminal jglick RESO FIXE Arch description of core/term.jar 2008-12-23
36482 platform -- Other jglick RESO FIXE Remove dep on org.apache.regexp 2008-12-22
209488 utilitie Search jhavlin RESO FIXE Deprecated autoload org.openidex.util still enabled 2012-03-28
106156 soa JBI Mana jqian RESO FIXE Linkage errors in org.netbeans.modules.sun.manager.jbi.nodes.* 2007-08-04
31062 platform Autoupda jrechtacek RESO FIXE Restrict public packages of AutoUpdate.jar 2006-11-22
39094 platform Autoupda jrechtacek RESO FIXE Avoid direct use of Xerces 2004-02-06
31610 platform -- Other jrojcek RESO FIXE Describe stability of GUI in Arch terms 2008-12-22
19260 platform Filesyst jskrivanek RESO WONT better Data Systems reactions on File Systems changes 2008-12-22
31972 platform -- Other jskrivanek RESO WONT reminder: successful deserialization of .settings file can depend on two modules 2008-12-22
16191 platform Data Sys jtulach RESO WONT Every file recognized by IDE should have known MIME type 2008-12-22
16389 platform Data Sys jtulach RESO WONT Rewrite the file/data recognition process and API 2008-12-22
20193 platform Data Sys jtulach RESO WONT Improve communication between FileSystems DataSystem 2008-12-22
31177 platform -- Other jtulach RESO FIXE Arch answers for openide-deprecated.jar 2008-12-22
31611 platform -- Other jtulach RESO FIXE Describe stability of DTDs in terms of Arch 2008-12-22
34245 platform Explorer jtulach RESO WONT Separate and rearchitect property sheet 2010-10-08
41003 www Builds & jtulach RESO FIXE Cover secutity issues by ARCH 2004-03-19
18488 xml Code lkramolis RESO DUPL XML and MDR analysis 2003-12-11
108771 web CSS Visu mfukala RESO WONT Wrong cluster for CSS visual editor 2008-04-28
205011 web HTML Edi mfukala RESO FIXE Two copies of Commons Logging in ide cluster 2012-04-24
160378 projects Maven mkleint RESO FIXE org.apache.commons.logging classes duplicated between maven.embedder and libs.commons_logging 2009-09-21
74044 projects Java Web mkubec RESO WONT webstart module dependency 2007-03-23
23110 editor Actions/ mmetelka RESO WONT Allow to show undo/redo action list in editor toolbar 2016-07-07
117965 platform Help Sys mslama RESO FIXE Upgrade JavaHelp to 2.0_05 2008-12-22
207001 www Builds & pgebauer RESO WONT Cleaner way of conditionally enabling development-build-only UI 2016-01-13
30384 platform -- Other pnejedly RESO FIXE Arch questions for utilities 2008-12-22
62704 javaee JSF ppisl RESO FIXE Improper use of impl deps 2005-09-05
151538 javame Build Sy psuchomel RESO FIXE mobility cluster needs org.netbeans.modules.apisupport.project from apisupport cluster 2009-09-17
22764 ide Internal richunger RESO WONT tomcat 4 module can't be installed as a system module 2004-01-07
23309 xml Tree-Edi richunger RESO FIXE Customizable XML tree editor 2007-09-25
23310 xml Tree-Edi richunger RESO FIXE Completion in XML tree editor 2007-09-25
75035 platform Filesyst rmatous RESO DUPL Difficult and non-obvious way to get config files 2008-12-22
42908 contrib Tasklist tasklist-issues RESO FIXE Incorrect cache dir 2004-08-13
43591 contrib Tasklist tasklist-issues RESO DUPL Incorrect location of all-todos.ser 2004-08-13
206783 java JUnit theofanis RESO FIXE Factor Ant support out of org.netbeans.modules.junit 2015-09-17
30389 platform -- Other thurka RESO FIXE Arch questions for compiler 2008-12-22
205316 projects Generic tstupka RESO WONT Upgrade org.apache.commons.lang 2016-07-07
220443 java Project tzezula RESO INCO Could not find the main class:filename.FileName. Program will exit 2012-10-25
120635 profiler Base yardus RESO FIXE Profiler additional modules should be regular instead of eager ones 2011-11-03
14206 xml Tree-Edi issues RESO WONT Tree editor driven by a document grammar 2007-09-25
15790 xml Tree-Edi issues RESO INVA Addition some declaration to include section isn`t propagated to Grouped view. 2009-02-19
71915 versionc CVS issues RESO WONT Undesirable dependencies 2009-12-21
31396 utilitie Code jglick RESO FIXE Hard to run more than one copy of Open File Server on the same machine 2004-03-04
36701 platform Module S jglick RESO FIXE Enhance InstalledFileLocator to support multiple return values 2010-01-06
31762 platform Dialogs& jrechtacek RESO WONT Setup Wizard depends on the garbage collector 2008-12-22
31442 platform -- Other jtulach RESO FIXE Arch description of (Nb)ErrorManager 2008-12-23
31849 platform Data Sys jtulach RESO INVA reminder: support for template tokens 2008-12-22
41848 projects Generic mkleint RESO FIXE Remove the Hacks class from the Project UI module 2008-06-06
71280 editor Options mkristofic RESO WONT OptionsDialog/Actions/ should be removed and just Actions/ used 2016-07-07
113326 editor -- Other mkristofic RESO WONT Editor API standalone demo doesn't compile 2016-07-07
49630 javaee Code pjiricka RESO DUPL Refactor applet support out of j2seproject 2008-12-23
207004 cnd Terminal vv159170 RESO FIXE Misuse of @ActionReference in dlight.terminal 2016-05-31
26479 xml Tree-Edi issues VERI WONT Design support for semantics XML editors 2007-11-09
26705 utilitie Search issues VERI FIXE I18N - Find tool does not search localized properties files 2010-09-06
57770 apisuppo Project jglick VERI FIXE Support friend packages declaration in project.xml 2005-09-05
57772 java Freeform jglick VERI FIXE Use friend packages for java/freeform 2005-09-05
21312 utilitie Diff mentlicher VERI FIXE Create Diff Module API 2002-06-19
127171 webservi Code nnguyen VERI FIXE Unreviewed cluster dependency introduced 2008-03-13
109686 xml WSDL Too skini VERI FIXE xml cluster now depends on j2ee cluster 2007-08-22
150953 serverpl Sun Apps vkraemer VERI FIXE Cannot build netbeans: Failed to build target: all-j2ee.sun.appsrv81 2009-02-19
48263 utilitie Properti alexeybutenko VERI FIXE Do not bundle multiple .properties file into a DataObject 2009-07-01
22444 platform Text dkonecny VERI WONT glyphs should be serialized. 2008-12-22
14568 platform Window S dsimonek VERI FIXE I18N - two messages in project settings->workspaces not come from message files 2008-12-23
22795 debugger Code issues VERI FIXE Debugger freezed - breakpoint reached during evaluation of expression 2005-07-13
32077 platform Autoupda issues VERI FIXE Is the AutoUpdate keystore per user or public 2004-02-25
77491 xml Tools issues VERI FIXE Remove dependency on Java modules from xml/tools 2007-09-25
161403 versionc Code issues VERI FIXE CVS -> IDE Platform -> Almost whole IDE 2009-04-04
31344 platform Document jglick VERI FIXE Publish architecture documents as part of javadoc 2008-12-22
91142 projects Ant jglick VERI FIXE Ant 1.7.0 upgrade 2007-02-19
74369 projects Generic jlahoda VERI FIXE Cannot set impl. dependency on projects/projectui 2006-10-23
20227 platform Window S jrojcek VERI WONT implement designed layout API 2008-12-23
16650 editor -- Other jtulach VERI DUPL Text editors should be able to recover after crashes 2007-11-05
28666 serverpl Tomcat mkuchtiak VERI FIXE Improper deps on ${netbeans.home} & ${netbeans.user} 2005-12-09
40121 ide libs mkuchtiak VERI FIXE Xerces 2.6.2 upgrade 2004-09-06
94287 webservi JAX-WS mkuchtiak VERI FIXE Delete obsolete websvc/jaxrpc16_xml module 2008-01-31
51413 javaee Code pbuzek VERI FIXE External library dirs cannot be in subdirectories 2004-11-12
32085 platform Autoupda phrebejk VERI FIXE Backout of modules (at least doc) 2004-02-26
36993 javaee Code pjiricka VERI FIXE web/jspparser uses ant.jar in an illegal fashion 2007-07-31
65047 javaee JSP ppisl VERI FIXE Illegal impl dep on xml/text-edit 2006-08-21
24593 platform Window S pzavadsky VERI WONT Redesign GUI startup creation (MDI particullary). 2008-12-23
26239 javaee JSP rkubacki VERI FIXE web/jspsyntax/ depends on ${buildnumber} used for xml/text-edit/ 2003-02-21
116854 cnd -- Other vv159170 VERI FIXE Do not expose public packages in o.n.m.cnd 2007-11-02
21166 platform -- Other dfrach VERI FIXE WEBMOD: Deploy action is disabled when several web modules are selected 2008-12-23
20022 platform Data Sys dkonecny VERI FIXE DataObject.createFromTemplate returns an unconstructed Data Object 2008-12-22
25707 platform Data Sys dkonecny VERI WONT DataObject.PROP_VALID not fired when FS changed its root directory. 2008-12-22
23162 platform Window S dsimonek VERI WONT Create non-persistent Mode in OpenIDE 2008-12-23
37419 debugger Code issues VERI FIXE Warnings when working with debugger 2004-08-13
37890 debugger Java issues VERI FIXE Tooltip shows value even for comment or for different file 2010-05-25
22507 platform Module S jglick VERI DUPL Clarify "half-cyclic" module dependencies 2008-12-23
24361 platform Autoupda jrechtacek VERI FIXE Overwrite launcher files on Windows 2007-11-01
30425 platform Lookup jtulach VERI FIXE Lookup META-INF functionality is not documented 2008-12-22
14204 xml Code lkramolis VERI FIXE Allow XML entities editing 2008-02-15
41501 javaee Code mgrebac VERI FIXE Usage of deprecated APIs 2007-08-03
38556 javaee Code mkuchtiak VERI FIXE Use OpenIDE-Module-Build-Version and predictable impl deps for web/* modules 2007-07-31
65046 javaee DD Edito mkuchtiak VERI FIXE "DD API" autoload unused 2006-08-21
10069 platform Window S mslama VERI WONT [MDI] Windows can be obscured, and user gets no feedback 2008-12-23
16648 platform Window S mslama VERI WONT Implement window system auto-save feature 2008-12-23
37247 javaee JSP ppisl VERI FIXE web/jspsyntax and web/jspparser should not be eager 2004-03-02
8658 platform Window S pzavadsky VERI WONT Soiurce Editor caption should have full path to the current source file 2008-12-23
16057 platform Window S pzavadsky VERI WONT Allow to use Lookup for top components in the system 2008-12-23
19077 platform Window S pzavadsky VERI WONT Deleting a workspace that has the editor open on it causes the editor to close on all workspaces. 2008-12-23
24727 platform Window S pzavadsky VERI WONT "Thumb Tack" on window to enable auto-hide/show 2008-12-23
24874 platform Window S pzavadsky VERI WONT Redesign loading of window system (importing projects). 2008-12-23
25578 platform Window S pzavadsky VERI WONT Redesign the property event managing of TopComponent with WindowManager.TopComponentManager 2008-12-23
34951 platform Explorer tboudreau VERI FIXE Missing description of JVM properties 2008-12-22
20052 platform -- Other ttran VERI FIXE [2004-04-14] Rename "runide" to something more "memorable" 2008-12-22
34291 debugger Code issues VERI FIXE Debugger uses deprecated ExecInfo 2004-08-17
39182 platform Autoupda jrechtacek VERI WONT org.netbeans.modules.updatecenters should not be eager 2004-03-18
14720 platform Window S psuchomel VERI WONT Allow create and use template for modes a components via lookup 2008-12-23
10601 platform Window S pzavadsky VERI WONT Some windows could remember their (default) position - so after "Undock View", they can reside on previous place. 2008-12-23
52578 java Navigati dsimonek CLOS FIXE Reevaluate module dependencies from navigator/java navigation 2006-03-24
32079 platform -- Other jglick CLOS DUPL Command line options has to be CLIP compliant 2008-12-22
43485 debugger Java mentlicher CLOS FIXE org.netbeans.modules.debugger.projects package is misplaced 2010-04-29
106539 debugger Code mentlicher CLOS FIXE Add Attach Debugger menu item as a drop down menu from Debug Main Project 2010-04-29
51952 javaee Web Proj rnajman CLOS FIXE <web-services> added to 2006-03-24
19228 xml Code issues CLOS FIXE Change dependency of Core to TAX. 2004-08-20
31461 debugger Code issues CLOS WONT Arch questions for Debugger API 2010-04-29
32083 platform -- Other issues CLOS DUPL Do not allow two netbeans to use the same userdir 2008-12-22
38249 debugger Code issues CLOS FIXE Debugging breaks if enable/disable any modules 2005-07-11
38267 xml Code issues CLOS FIXE Should use proper impl deps in xml submodules 2004-08-23
38300 ide libs issues CLOS FIXE libs/jaxp module unnecessarily requires javax.xml.transform.TransformerFactory 2011-06-09
110820 qa Tests issues CLOS FIXE mobility8/emulators-inst/ spuriously added to build 2011-06-10
157982 qa Tests issues CLOS WONT The 4 tests in org.netbeans.test.subversion.testsuites.commitTestSuite.class return errors on Windows Vista 2011-06-10
46266 projects Ant jglick CLOS FIXE Ant 1.6.2 upgrade 2005-07-14
27913 platform Autoupda jrechtacek CLOS DUPL Ability to default 'Global' state to true 2007-04-01
32080 platform -- Other jtulach CLOS FIXE [2004-04-14] Wrong layout of files in distribution 2008-12-22
15756 xml Code lkramolis CLOS FIXE Close on parsed document is slow. 2005-03-09
68017 debugger Ant mentlicher CLOS FIXE Improper impl dep ant/debugger -> ant 2010-04-29
148733 debugger Code mentlicher CLOS FIXE Need common module for generic debugger UI 2010-04-29
25400 platform Text pzavadsky CLOS FIXE Remount filesystem action doesn't close opened documents. 2008-12-23
51727 webservi Code rcruz CLOS FIXE Shared xerces.jar 2006-03-24
31444 usersgui Projects vstejskal CLOS FIXE Arch description of project module 2005-03-29
31781 debugger Code issues CLOS FIXE Debugger Variable Validation 2010-04-29
33845 debugger Code issues CLOS FIXE Removal of Debugger Root Node from Validation 2010-04-29
34086 debugger Code issues CLOS FIXE Deadlock on shutdown if a property editor showing 2010-04-29
35164 debugger Code issues CLOS INVA Memory leak and slow degugging 2010-04-29
37722 debugger Code issues CLOS FIXE Bpt view Cut/Copy/Paste problems 2010-04-29
38580 debugger Code issues CLOS WORK Multiple breakpoint annotation after changing project 2005-07-07
50821 editor -- Other issues CLOS FIXE Remove dependency of editor on projectapi 2007-11-05
43030 projects Ant jglick CLOS FIXE Ant support separation from Java 2006-03-24
20012 platform -- Other jpokorsky CLOS WONT Core should not let modules override system options settings without user OK 2008-12-22
27930 xml Catalog mkuchtiak CLOS FIXE Upgrade entity resolver library 2008-02-19
24495 platform Window S phrebejk CLOS DUPL Java centric action available on non Java nodes 2008-12-22
24145 db Code rnajman CLOS FIXE Do not recommend lib/ext/ for drivers 2004-08-19
23164 debugger Code issues CLOS DUPL Add breakpoint dialog doesn't show all debugger types 2010-04-29
35874 debugger Code issues CLOS FIXE RunToCursorAction is too eager 2010-04-29
273 bugs found.