Votes Issue # Summary
Base (issue list) (Note: only 2 votes allowed per issue in this product.)
1 2529 Form Letter crash when data not preloaded (Show Votes)
2 2794 No GUI for ParameterNameSubstitution setting (Show Votes)
1 3872 Unable to use the serial (sequence) field from PostgreSQL (Show Votes)
2 4607 Can not connect to ldap server (Show Votes)
1 5231 Informix ODBC access (Show Votes)
1 7317 ability to use more sql ANSI-92 functions (eg UPPER, LOWER...) (Show Votes)
2 8949 [RFE] query on several tables of a DBase/Calc database (Show Votes)
1 9899 Mail merge from Calc or Excel - embedded fields not updating on refresh (Show Votes)
2 13798 [RFE] implement native PostgreSQL SDBC driver (Show Votes)
1 13939 Support binary fields (like images) in OO.o database (Show Votes)
1 14649 Entering text via Data source window destroys line feed information (Show Votes)
2 20088 Does Not Detect Mozilla Thunderbird Address Book (Show Votes)
17 votes used out of 5 allowed.

Calc (issue list) (Note: only 2 votes allowed per issue in this product.)
2 834 csv data format issues (Show Votes)
1 1171 handling of overlapping cell boundaries different to Excel (alignment - left justified) (Show Votes)
1 1633 csv import cannot handle more than 256 columns (Show Votes)
2 1669 Copy/Paste of grouped charts produces empty frame (Show Votes)
1 1704 add keyboard shortcuts to add the current date and current hour (Show Votes)
1 1820 Inputting decimal numbers with Spanish (Spain) keyboars in StarCalc (Show Votes)
1 1834 Q-PCD affiliate: Make insertion of external spreadsheets easier and more clear (Show Votes)
2 1967 Compatibility problem with MS Excel 97 (lines exceed, >32000 rows) (Show Votes)
1 2330 Saving Calc file to Excel format causing empty pages generated (Show Votes)
1 2977 Q-PCD affiliate: Paste and delete modify cells hidden by autofilter (Show Votes)
2 3184 Convert delimited ascii text in one cell into several cells. (Show Votes)
1 3341 OO will not read in CSV files (Show Votes)
1 3653 Data->validity should be enhanced to allow text strings (Show Votes)
1 4040 Convert text to columns (Show Votes)
2 4695 INDIRECT function fails with named cells (Show Votes)
2 4849 Entering formula editing mode also with '+' and '-', not only with = (Show Votes)
2 4874 StarCalc Error 527 (Show Votes)
2 4892 Context Menu: Select with right mouse click (Show Votes)
2 5214 Allow a list of values as criteria for data entry (Show Votes)
1 5650 Print Only Selected Sheets feature in Printer Options does not work (Show Votes)
1 6153 Opening CSV file as Text CSV causes unrecoverable error (Show Votes)
1 6369 scrollbar length not saved (Show Votes)
2 6982 [Feature] passing cell data to a query (Show Votes)
2 7071 split column feature (Show Votes)
1 7370 CSV import feature (Show Votes)
2 9234 when connected to internet cal runs v.v.v. slow (Show Votes)
1 9448 Insert of table not possible (Show Votes)
1 9512 Paste special as value (Show Votes)
2 10717 F12 not working in Spreadsheet (Show Votes)
2 11399 Comma Delimeted Files Refuse to preserve Numeric Formatting (Show Votes)
2 14005 Save selection as html (Show Votes)
1 14007 Allow moving rows and columns via drag and drop. Microsoft Excel allows to move rows and columns. Moving columns is not the same as a copy and paste of the data. No empty columns should be left behind. (Show Votes)
2 14145 Import/export SYLK cell annotations, C;A records (Show Votes)
2 14392 Request for Time and Date Shortcut Keys in Calc (Show Votes)
2 14469 Format painter (Show Votes)
2 15997 AutoFilter doesnţt have support for (blanks) and (non blanks) (Show Votes)
2 17090 Hidden Rows (Show Votes)
2 18261 macro recorder : Filter settings of CSV export aren't recorded in macro (Show Votes)
2 20282 Drag drop in the formula text area crashes OOo (Show Votes)
2 20671 Excel 97 navigation broken after edit in OOo1.1 (Show Votes)
1 20755 Allow "Title" case format in Calc (Show Votes)
1 22510 problem with NB.SI function (Show Votes)
1 24535 Reference a cell to a document that's OOo password protected does not work (Show Votes)
2 61032 Hyperlink() does not export to html document (Show Votes)
2 85577 xhtml export dont generate hyperlinks made using Hyperlink() -function (Show Votes)
70 votes used out of 5 allowed.

documentation (issue list) (Note: only 2 votes allowed per issue in this product.)
2 6268 for MS Office users (Show Votes)
2 9224 Translation from VBA to StarBasic help (Show Votes)
4 votes used out of 5 allowed.

Draw (issue list) (Note: only 2 votes allowed per issue in this product.)
1 1113 Switch default for Drag&Copy (Show Votes)
1 2497 allow import of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) (Show Votes)
1 4499 Export to bitmap file has fixed DPI (resolution) (Show Votes)
1 4658 Improve Draw - add FIG and EPS display (Show Votes)
2 4857 Importing graphics (Show Votes)
1 5700 Drawing program crashes (Show Votes)
2 6402 Illegal postscript exported by Draw application (Show Votes)
1 7730 support hyperlinking in SVG export (Show Votes)
1 10547 Add Unified Modeling Language (UML) symbols (Show Votes)
1 11660 Zig-zag lines as line style (Show Votes)
1 14557 SVG export bug with wide pages (Show Votes)
1 19593 in draw: intersect/subtract of shapes does not work as expected (Show Votes)
14 votes used out of 5 allowed.

General (issue list) (Note: only 2 votes allowed per issue in this product.)
1 366 Select 'Range' for error bars (Show Votes)
2 1163 title for secondary y axis (Show Votes)
2 2880 autorecovery does not work when Windows crashes (Show Votes)
1 2987 document window sometimes doesn't open in front (Show Votes)
2 4537 Proposal to modify Close = Exit for last open window. (Show Votes)
2 4826 Feature Request - Allow error bars in charts to be + or - a cell value (as in excel) rather than just a constant value or standard deviation (Show Votes)
2 5149 Cannot open files with UNC (Show Votes)
2 5289 TrendLine/graphing functionality in OpenOffice (Show Votes)
1 5648 Don't just close the app. when the last document is closed (Show Votes)
2 6448 how about a viewer app. for all files ? (Show Votes)
1 6496 Chart looses information when storing sheet in Excel format (Show Votes)
2 6541 File locking for new OO file formats (SXW / SXC / ..) does not work (Show Votes)
2 6632 Enhance features of OO Quick Starter tool (Show Votes)
1 6889 pdf creation posible with OOo ? (Show Votes)
1 7037 Cannot shutdown windows properly... (Show Votes)
2 7123 OO crashes with NFS-mounted home-directories (Show Votes)
1 7138 write-protection on document-level (Show Votes)
1 7216 crashes when I attempt to start it or any of its components. (Show Votes)
1 10495 Menu placement wrong when working with 2 screens (Show Votes)
2 10534 Writer doc linking Calc Spreadsheet (Show Votes)
1 11313 Cannot remove tick marks on X axis of line chart and annoying row labels (Show Votes)
2 12625 PDF Export should embed more fonts (Show Votes)
1 12662 Ability to view embedded PDF when document is opened read-only (Show Votes)
1 16016 roll-up windows (Show Votes)
2 19073 MainMenu in OOo doesn't use standard system fonts (Show Votes)
2 21997 Log Graphing and the need for minor gridlines. (Show Votes)
1 22406 Mozilla / Firefox-like plug-in (stand alone) for viewing OOo documents online. (Show Votes)
1 30853 Quickstart icon should include the OOo application shortcuts in the context again (Show Votes)
1 85661 Cannot paste (image) from clipboard copyed from .net (Show Votes)
1 103815 OpenOffice shows inappropriate error message displayed in objects when tempfile(s) could not be read or written (Show Votes)
44 votes used out of 5 allowed.

gsl (issue list) (Note: only 2 votes allowed per issue in this product.)
2 4366 Font problems after the 2end start - Bold and Normal Fonts (Show Votes)
2 4494 All Apps exit after start (Show Votes)
2 8144 Fontconfig2 based systems (RH8) store fonts in /usr/share/fonts - OOo doesn't look there... (Show Votes)
1 9060 Character spacing incorrect, condensed when selecting 'non-square' print resolutions (Show Votes)
2 9138 Printing envelope #10 with Redhat From Bluecurve (gnome) (Show Votes)
2 9954 PDF suggestions (Show Votes)
2 10388 PDF Export: JPG - bad image quality (Show Votes)
2 12087 Add CUPS support (Show Votes)
2 12718 Symbol font character widths are incorrectly displayed (Show Votes)
1 14163 EPS content is not exported to pdf properly (Show Votes)
2 17037 OpenOffice 1.1 RC incorrectly displays some characters from non-latin1 charset in UI (Show Votes)
2 17387 PDF-export should support handouts, notes, etc (impress - WYSIWYG export to PDF) (Show Votes)
1 18963 diacritic symbols are printed in wrong font (Show Votes)
23 votes used out of 5 allowed.

Impress (issue list) (Note: only 2 votes allowed per issue in this product.)
2 166 OpenOffice arrows do not convert well to Powerpoint (Show Votes)
1 2320 Delay in loading very huge files. (Show Votes)
2 2809 MPEG video play problems in presetnation (Show Votes)
1 3271 Name for slide should be default title (Show Votes)
2 3316 Cant insert movies - mpg, avi etc (Show Votes)
1 4000 Export presentations to "SVG wrapped in SMIL" (Show Votes)
2 4549 different behavior in powerpoint and simpress (Show Votes)
1 4583 saving presentation pictures lost (Show Votes)
2 4758 Opening MS Powerpoint presentations in Presentation crashes (Show Votes)
2 5219 OO creates incorrect .ppt file for presentatio with accented characters (Show Votes)
2 5705 Export presentation to HTML: allow manual image quality (Show Votes)
2 6100 Enable Impress to use header and footers (Show Votes)
2 6815 MS PowerPoint default Times bullets come out as question marks (Show Votes)
2 6909 Dual monitor presentations not supported (Show Votes)
2 8637 Trouble with hyperlinks in Presentations (Show Votes)
2 8978 PowerPoint file edited by Impress prints wrong in PowerPoint (Show Votes)
2 9250 Bullets wrongly displayed in PowerPoint (Show Votes)
2 9691 Need for runtime viewers and presentation packaging (Show Votes)
1 10101 Impress drops imags when many/large images have been inserted (Show Votes)
2 10562 Bullets are displayed as squares in ppt presentations (Show Votes)
1 11446 Start Slide Show From Any Slide (Show Votes)
1 12108 OO requested I write a Feature request for Issue #12043 (Show Votes)
1 13307 adding sound files to presenter (Show Votes)
1 13354 Shockwave Flash (Show Votes)
2 13439 Active Hyperlinks in Impress Slide (Show Votes)
2 13441 Impress print handouts @ 6/8/?? per page (Show Votes)
1 15340 Objects in presentations are misplaced! (Show Votes)
2 16297 Password appears when I load a doc with the autopilot and save the doc. (Show Votes)
2 17054 Hyperlink to a slide in the running presentation should jump to the slide (Show Votes)
1 17589 CORRUPTION of an OpenOffice presentation (Show Votes)
1 21582 svg export of ppt source renders large fonts or any font changes with bad x-y positioning (Show Votes)
1 22808 adjustable freeform line tool line smoothing (Show Votes)
1 24326 Add Option to include hidden slides to PDF export dialog and Print dialog (Show Votes)
52 votes used out of 5 allowed.

Infrastructure (issue list) (Note: only 2 votes allowed per issue in this product.)
1 195 missing kb flag in tools/solenv/unxsoli3/bin (Show Votes)
1 943 Deny messages with attachment on <any list> (Show Votes)
2 1069 Create an LXR index of the OOo source code repository (Show Votes)
2 4448 OOo_1.0.0_source.tar.bz2 has wrong size on ny1 (Show Votes)
1 6224 pserver anoncvs down (Show Votes)
1 8084 Strip attachments from posts to lists (Show Votes)
1 8445 How to remove OO from the computer when install fails (Show Votes)
1 12834 No archiving of mails for (Show Votes)
10 votes used out of 5 allowed.

Installation (issue list) (Note: only 2 votes allowed per issue in this product.)
2 1940 remove -net option (better and easier behaviour) (Show Votes)
1 3592 Need RPM Installation (Show Votes)
2 3594 Need Installation of Menu Items (Show Votes)
2 3779 Installation cannot register components (Show Votes)
2 4087 OO_1.0.1_Win32 Install Crashes after selecting/deselecting File Types (Show Votes)
1 4397 Setup crashes in Windows XP. (Show Votes)
2 4471 error during install on Windows 2000 (Show Votes)
2 4557 Openoffice won't run on laptop with XP; Loaded and operates successfully on Desktop with 98 (Show Votes)
2 4592 Impossible to install openoffice on some machines because the installer screen is _totally_ blank. (Show Votes)
1 4737 KDE integration doesn't work on Mandrake 8.x (Show Votes)
1 6792 Installation fails on (Show Votes)
1 6949 Unable to install/remove Open Office Suite under Windows 2000 (Show Votes)
2 7215 install fails on Windows 2000 SP3 (Show Votes)
2 7331 ucpchelp1.dll component was unable to be registered (Show Votes)
1 8196 choosing "Java Environment Installation" causes install to crash (Show Votes)
1 8304 Install GPL wordlist from the installation program (Show Votes)
2 9025 ucpchelp1.dll component unable to be registered (Show Votes)
1 9846 Installation fails on Windows XP Home ed. (Show Votes)
1 9942 Cannot install after download on Win ME - 512M ram, 20 g disk free (Show Votes)
2 11575 Add a choice of Metric or US measurements during install (Show Votes)
2 11770 Install script cause nt bluescreen (Show Votes)
2 12358 Upgrading while retaining the existing settings (Show Votes)
2 12724 mktemp not available (Show Votes)
1 14808 Providing RPMs would increase beta testing (Show Votes)
1 14931 Easier upgrade route (Show Votes)
1 14932 Choosing location of user files. (Show Votes)
1 18844 network/multiuser installation fails when installing on NFS mounted location during registration (Show Votes)
2 19670 Legacy Filename Convention Violation (Show Votes)
43 votes used out of 5 allowed.

Internationalization (issue list) (Note: only 2 votes allowed per issue in this product.)
2 3393 Regular Expressions Don't Seem to work (Show Votes)
2 5602 Romanian interface (Show Votes)
2 6165 There is no Lithuanian nor Latvian Locale in OOo (Show Votes)
1 8252 Using ISO 639 and ISO 3166 for language codes (Show Votes)
2 10625 Sorting: Scandinavian letters/national alphabets (Show Votes)
1 12768 Hebrew parenthesis reversed (Show Votes)
1 12991 Romanian (ro_RO) localedata (Show Votes)
1 13159 OO Calc: No UI to control sheet directionality (Show Votes)
2 13199 Bad date format for Russian (Show Votes)
2 13997 Unable to use filename that contains more than 14 Thai characters (Show Votes)
1 16842 cut and paste a paragraph beginning bold causes all parag' to become bold (Show Votes)
2 17917 localize tool and strings with tabs and new lines (Show Votes)
1 19848 The hyphen goes after the number when I write in Hebrew (RTL) (Show Votes)
1 22766 incorrect Latvian locale date formats and decimal separator (Show Votes)
21 votes used out of 5 allowed.

Math (issue list) (Note: only 2 votes allowed per issue in this product.)
2 972 Alignment of baselines of formula and text in writer (Show Votes)
1 2864 TeX style formula input whould be welcomed (Show Votes)
1 3780 Vector, Tilde, bar, etc displays the symbol too high with respect letter (Show Votes)
2 4503 Copy & Paste -> OLE Error!! (Show Votes)
2 4516 Error in the representation of mathematical indications (Show Votes)
1 4866 French version : OMEGAGA (Show Votes)
2 6158 Formula size changes on re-open (Show Votes)
2 7819 W i d e spacing of subscript from variable (Show Votes)
2 9777 Formulas compressed, clipped, scaled wrong (Show Votes)
2 11167 Lack of union/intersection with limits. (Show Votes)
2 18775 The formula editor's selection window is too small (Show Votes)
1 20262 greek symbols are "killed" when copy-paste (Show Votes)
20 votes used out of 5 allowed.

porting (issue list) (Note: only 2 votes allowed per issue in this product.)
1 9990 OO will not start on Solaris9/SPARC 9/02 (Show Votes)
2 10804 Failure to start if no ~/.sversionrc file (Show Votes)
2 13940 oo 1.0.3 can not access to network shares (Show Votes)
2 19359 Application start up speed is very slow (Show Votes)
7 votes used out of 5 allowed.

ui (issue list) (Note: only 2 votes allowed per issue in this product.)
2 1815 OO UI Should take its colors from Gnome (GTK) Desktop Theme (Show Votes)
2 2848 number of 'last files accessed' editable (Show Votes)
1 3428 Menus, listboxes etc. appear in first monitor (with dual headed graphics card) (Show Votes)
1 3924 An MRU list would be great on Quickstarter (Show Votes)
2 4065 Scroll wheel wrongly dismisses scrollable toolbar drop downs (Show Votes)
2 4133 Splash Screen Locks Screen (Show Votes)
1 4396 unix-like copy/paste does not work properly (Show Votes)
1 4676 Icon colours are not correct (Show Votes)
2 5527 registration failure (Show Votes)
1 6847 provide a method to insert accented characters on English keybd (Show Votes)
2 7418 Error in norwegian date format (Show Votes)
1 8095 Unable to "shadow" the Stylist and the Navigator (Show Votes)
1 8251 On Multi-Display, Pop-up menus appear on Primary Display Only (Show Votes)
2 8601 Performance: Slow Screen Redrawing in All Apps (Show Votes)
1 9910 OpenOffice 1.0.1 does not open documents correctly across Windows shares. (Show Votes)
1 10298 paste button disabled incorrectly (Show Votes)
2 12603 OpenOffice applications generate a GPF when user is not Admin (Show Votes)
1 13071 Audio Feedback (Show Votes)
2 13154 PDF Export: wrong order of "Save as" and "Options" dialog (Show Votes)
1 13696 Add "Assign" button to macro recording dialogue (Show Votes)
2 15378 Crop option to have the picture actually cropped and new image placed in document (Show Votes)
2 15848 Send by email in doc format or in both formats (Show Votes)
1 16826 Leave all WinOffice files associated to WinOffice apps during install (Show Votes)
2 17959 Cropped image not handled correctly when save doc as HTML (Show Votes)
36 votes used out of 5 allowed.

utilities (issue list) (Note: only 2 votes allowed per issue in this product.)
1 10861 Incorporate spellchecker in Windows Outlook? (Show Votes)
1 vote used out of 5 allowed.

Writer (issue list) (Note: only 2 votes allowed per issue in this product.)
1 961 Table needs ability to sort rows by column headings (Show Votes)
2 1761 Zoom should align to center, not left (Show Votes)
1 1793 Word count cannot count a selection of text (Show Votes)
2 2109 table cells/rows can not continue over a page boundary (Show Votes)
2 2204 Cross references enhancements (Show Votes)
1 2451 Do not read Word document correctly (Show Votes)
2 2465 Water marks don't display properly (Show Votes)
2 2466 Allow background as text (Show Votes)
1 2595 formatpainter (Show Votes)
1 2929 option: Save as xhtml (Show Votes)
2 3035 colored text, but tabulator-sign still black (Show Votes)
1 3368 Postscript output wrong (DSC) (Show Votes)
2 3395 Reveal formatting codes (Show Votes)
2 3403 Integration of Latex into OOo as formula editor possible? (Show Votes)
1 3545 Easier Cropping and rotating of images (Show Votes)
1 3802 641D - It doesn't appear possible to insert a cross reference to a paragraph number (Show Votes)
2 3839 Formulas and bullets aren't exported to DOC correctly (Show Votes)
2 3867 cannot copy/paste mathematical equations in the word processor (Show Votes)
1 3898 Bulleted list conversion problem with MS Word 95 files (Show Votes)
2 3910 Enable the user to avoid empty pages being created/printed (Show Votes)
1 3959 Outline View (aka MS Word) (Show Votes)
1 4029 Option to move paragraph indent sliders in manageable increments not available (Show Votes)
2 4032 cannot merge certain table cells: new table concept required (Show Votes)
2 4036 RTFs generated for MS Word cannot be viewed in OO.o (Show Votes)
1 4148 AutoCorrect/Word Completion: Accept with [Tab] (Show Votes)
2 4307 Zoom needs 'Two pages' option a la Word 2K (Show Votes)
2 4350 With multiple monitors, drop down menus appear on primary when OO is running on secondary (Show Votes)
1 4386 OpenOffice always crashes during import of this MS Word document (Show Votes)
1 4433 HTML export as HTML 4.01 and CSS 1.0 (Show Votes)
1 4449 missing language settings for paragraphs (Show Votes)
1 4460 bullet points (Show Votes)
1 4463 Fonts and page attributes different from original (Show Votes)
2 4529 Encapsulated PS print fails (was issue 1894) (Show Votes)
2 4540 Text formating after reloading is not the same like when saved (Show Votes)
1 4568 Word count (task) (Show Votes)
2 4579 Special Character Shortcuts (Show Votes)
1 4686 No keyboard shortcuts for styles (Show Votes)
2 4719 GIFs created by OOoWriter -> HTML conversion (Show Votes)
1 4730 TrueTypeFonts appear always as bold face (Show Votes)
1 4787 Writer craches when opening a Microsoft Word document (Show Votes)
2 4798 PDF capability (index, bookmarks, encryption, links,...) (Show Votes)
1 4816 Table formatting messed up when importing from MS Word (Show Votes)
1 4834 Add "title case" to capitalisation (Show Votes)
1 4860 Diagrams saved as part of a writer file get mangled. (Show Votes)
1 4889 Weird font substitution and smart replacement (Show Votes)
2 4955 Menu item "Format->Page..." is inactive when cursor is in Table or Index (Show Votes)
2 4999 Envelope Printing via insert Envelope. (Show Votes)
2 5038 Outline numbering lacks commonly-used abilities (Show Votes)
2 5039 No bullets available (Show Votes)
1 5047 OO froze after typing URL (Show Votes)
2 5097 Tables in Writer do not allow "simple complexities" (Show Votes)
2 5098 To select lines, paragraphs and whole documents by clicking in the margin (Show Votes)
1 5102 Image in wrong place. (Show Votes)
2 5106 Unable to edit fields in Word template created file (Show Votes)
1 5121 Importing Word doc lost some of the outline numbering format (Show Votes)
1 5142 Table cells spanning (multiple) pages (Show Votes)
2 5168 Enhance OOo to use GhostScript on Windows to create PDF files (Show Votes)
2 5308 Spell Checker doesn't work. (Show Votes)
1 5323 No space after section numbers in doc imported from WinWord (Show Votes)
1 5324 <p>&nbsp;</p> before html <table> hides table contents (Show Votes)
1 5416 remove highlight (Show Votes)
1 5689 Add tab to autocomplete keys (Show Votes)
1 5692 soffice application crashes when trying to save writer file. (Show Votes)
2 5711 openoffice crashes with dde-linked documents (Show Votes)
2 5773 printing envelopes (Show Votes)
2 5953 Needs the ability to display a document split-screen (Show Votes)
2 5987 TrueType Display and Print issues (Show Votes)
1 6032 Right click menu in revise mode (Show Votes)
1 6069 serious display glitches on IBM Thinkpad (Show Votes)
1 6082 Bullet and Number "Spacing to text" not respected when exporting to Word97. (Show Votes)
1 6146 Possible enhancement of the Font Color an Highlighting toolbar buttons (Show Votes)
1 6193 Notes hard to see and edit (Show Votes)
2 6280 Problem with eps files in Staroffice 6 Word processor (Show Votes)
2 6432 unable to open .sxw file - read error (Show Votes)
1 6464 2nd line of outline should be allowed to be to the left margin (Show Votes)
1 6523 Feature request: print multiple pages per sheet (Show Votes)
2 6543 OOo1.0.1 cannot load file save with 1.0.0 (Show Votes)
2 6844 Cut and paste between OpenOffice and other apps fails with large text selection (Show Votes)
2 6845 access-violation (crash) when accessing unaccessible directories (Show Votes)
1 7058 Rotated text in MS Word's tables cannot be imported in Writer (Show Votes)
1 7066 Mail Merge must be simplified (Show Votes)
2 7541 Time abnormally long or PC hangs when printing adresses labels (Show Votes)
2 7568 Application crashes when saving a document (network install only) (Show Votes)
2 7639 OpenOffice incorectly imports numbered lists from MS Word document (Show Votes)
1 7760 Option to force users to adhere to style sheets (Show Votes)
2 7845 Not all newly added spell-check dictionaries can be used (Show Votes)
2 8017 Export to PDF is broken (Show Votes)
2 8288 Leave / return cursor to original position after Find & Replace All (Show Votes)
2 8376 Text not printing in mixed Text/Graphics documents on Win2k (Show Votes)
1 8473 Vertical ruler won't maintain proper setting (Show Votes)
1 8532 Menus: Outline Numbering menu item belongs in Format menu, not Tools (Show Votes)
2 8855 Cells in table does no "remember" their vertical alligment (Show Votes)
2 8926 Cannot go backwards in outline (Show Votes)
2 9058 Accessing redlines from Basic crashes OOo (Show Votes)
1 9139 Graphics from converted Word documents in wrong place (Show Votes)
2 9516 Footnotes don't appear as a change when added from a clipboard (Show Votes)
1 9524 pdf export of index table sets background to gray (Show Votes)
1 9528 pdf conversion not functioning correctly for table with details. (Show Votes)
1 9530 Changing cursor position (Show Votes)
1 9557 multipage text tables don't display correctly. (Show Votes)
2 9572 Word count in Writer properties page reported incorrectly (Show Votes)
1 9754 OpenOffice 1.0.1 hangs opening a table-intensive Word document (Show Votes)
1 9762 Contour wrapping around graphics lost on save (Show Votes)
1 9786 Vertical page alignment (Show Votes)
2 9907 Manuscript vs. book format. (Show Votes)
1 10057 Linux font handling - can it use xft and freefont2? (Show Votes)
2 10149 Lack of typeover / overstrike support (Show Votes)
1 10197 MS Word Document Conversion causing complete format loss (Show Votes)
1 10207 Find crashes app when find using backwards option (Show Votes)
1 10321 proposal to provide support for LaTeX equation editing / display and document importing (Show Votes)
1 10384 filter to import pdf files (Show Votes)
1 10407 Digital Signatures on OOo documents (Show Votes)
2 10569 Search for formatted text sometimes doesn't work (Show Votes)
1 10760 Include option to hide blank lines when generating labels (Show Votes)
2 10815 Converting Line break to paragraph break (Show Votes)
1 10971 Mouse behavior and text selection (Show Votes)
1 10996 Writer crashes on right click for spelling error (Show Votes)
2 11121 Styles for tables (Show Votes)
2 11244 Merge to email (Show Votes)
2 11278 Request to have Document converter work in both directions (Show Votes)
1 11517 All OO applications (not just the wp) take an eternity to start (Show Votes)
2 11540 complete X11 crash when looking through document with images (Show Votes)
2 11544 Request for a Find File feature (Show Votes)
2 11559 Editing graphics in openoffice (Show Votes)
2 11811 Mail merge to document enhancement request (Show Votes)
1 11872 Word 97/2000/XP export problems with graphics. (Show Votes)
2 12092 Text in a table disappears (Show Votes)
1 12098 crash while loading a .doc file (Show Votes)
2 12138 Handling of page renumbering in Writer (Show Votes)
1 12228 Outline Numbering changes paragraph styles at reload (Show Votes)
1 12499 Paste drawing replaces selection (Show Votes)
1 12620 problems of openoffice like guest user in windows xp (Show Votes)
2 12667 Page break before numbered heading 1 (Show Votes)
1 12678 Request for enhancement: make the underline icon a drop-down (Show Votes)
1 12826 Writer Crashes when exprorting to PDF and document contains Marlett font (Show Votes)
1 13021 URLs/Hyperlinks in PDF do not work (Show Votes)
2 13146 OpenOffice 1.0.2 (and StarOffice P2) hang when opening previous versions document (Show Votes)
2 13335 Object bar and main Toolbar is Missing when opening readonly doc (Show Votes)
2 13364 Print using pdf format (Show Votes)
2 13450 Bullets in Writer documents written in Linux look strange after exporting to MSWord .doc (Show Votes)
2 13507 shift+enter in a middle of string format line as last line (Show Votes)
2 13621 the table row is not split (Show Votes)
1 13653 master document links update really slow (Show Votes)
2 13695 line break (Show Votes)
1 13743 OOo uses 100 percent of CPU when idle (Show Votes)
2 13760 silent data corruption: swriter changes hyperlink saving via HTTP (Show Votes)
1 13769 Antialiasing Not Supported with Xinerama (Show Votes)
1 13946 Pagination Problems (Master Documents and Plain Text) (Show Votes)
2 13976 Messed up page-layout in document with huge tables in sections (Show Votes)
1 13994 It would be nice to automatically reference headings in the same way as illustration or table captions (Show Votes)
2 14013 Should not export "Asian" formatting if "Asian languages support" is off (Show Votes)
2 14079 Toolbar buttons lost (Show Votes)
1 14204 Cannot import some windows doc, reads forever (Show Votes)
2 14487 Allow Editing Sub-Documents of a Master-Document and Save Changes (Show Votes)
1 14642 select row or column with mouse (Show Votes)
1 14644 Word Count is faulty (Show Votes)
1 14695 Word Document does not properly open in swriter (Show Votes)
2 14917 word processor stop responding when you change default style (Show Votes)
1 15010 export of paragraph numbering to html and doc formats incorrect (Show Votes)
2 15342 Writer table row height wrong on conversion to DOC (Show Votes)
2 15666 Search and Replace - can't substitute regular expression subexpression in replace (Show Votes)
1 15676 OOo Does not warn if file can't be saved (Show Votes)
1 15810 Asian(2 byte) character is broken. (Show Votes)
1 15878 Create labels for multiple pages (Show Votes)
2 16211 second level headings in page header (Show Votes)
1 16292 Word wrapping allows figures/graphics to overlap (Show Votes)
1 16398 Compare Document doesn't compare tables (Show Votes)
2 16906 No upper margins on printouts (Show Votes)
2 17287 Certain Characters of Wingdings and Opensymbols wont print correct (Show Votes)
2 17342 Postscript Fonts not being used in PDF Export of MSWord Doc (Show Votes)
2 17483 Unable to File..Send .. Document as Email with evolution 1.4 (Show Votes)
1 17489 STYLE="page-break-before: always" causes blank page when printing web page (Show Votes)
1 17622 text prints "collapsed" when wrapped around graphics (Show Votes)
2 18007 Line number at cursor position (Show Votes)
2 18046 HTML view in default browser (Show Votes)
1 18219 No syncronisation between windows of same file in html-editor (Show Votes)
2 18268 Can't open old word file. (Show Votes)
2 18544 Mail Merge Single file Generation (Show Votes)
2 18634 Index updated with more than approx 1200 concordance items crashes (Show Votes)
1 18799 Serious Paste problem (Show Votes)
1 18853 Moving Chapters in Navigator loses/gains text and subchapters (Show Votes)
2 18854 Trouble in retrieving data from calc into serial letter (Show Votes)
1 19002 "UserField" in all OO applications (Show Votes)
2 19313 Scandinavian characters (æøå) broken in some situations. (Show Votes)
2 19395 rectangular selection (Show Votes)
2 19710 unformatted paste from right click (Show Votes)
1 19767 Update problem in conditional fields with serial letters / Mail Merge (Show Votes)
1 19841 scalable bitmapped X11 fonts wrong kerning (Show Votes)
1 19997 bad equation references when using master documents (Show Votes)
2 20661 Wanted: Insert cross reference to paragraph number (Show Votes)
2 20714 Request to add tabbing to Writer (ala Mozilla tabbed browsing) (Show Votes)
2 21113 ms word doc file causes openoffice to hang (Show Votes)
1 21713 Add ability to vertically center mailing label contents within label (Show Votes)
2 21735 AutoCorrect Override for a single instance (Show Votes)
2 22405 Feature request: An easy way to create watermarks with text (Show Votes)
1 22633 question-mark appears in replacement for "-" (Show Votes)
1 45491 Allow configuration of behaviour when a line break is inserted (Show Votes)
1 88893 New look for selection: transparency (Show Votes)
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xml (issue list) (Note: only 2 votes allowed per issue in this product.)
1 9518 Opening a docbook <xml) type document multiple times causes to crash (Show Votes)
2 10199 Include pdfmark support in OO.o (Show Votes)
1 12712 cannot save docbook type documents (Show Votes)
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